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Abandoned Catalogues

This is what happens to most of the catalogues that get handed out at the show!


Here are a couple of photos Alex snapped while I caught up with a some calls.

All the stands are keen to hand out as many catalogues as possible. The result, most end up on the floor in the bin.

With every buyer sporting a late model smart phone, I was surprised that non of the stands were using QR codes to give out digital catalogues. I spoke to an number of buyers who all said that lugging cases fulls of catalogues round the show and then paying excess baggage to get them back was one of their main bug bears.

It strikes me that a quick scan of a QR code that would allow the buyer to download the catalogue at the hotel or back at home would be a winner.

Discarded Catalogues at 110 Canton Show

This is what happens to most of the catalogues










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