After successfully launching the Tower brand from £1m to £25m over 2 years, we were asked to give the packaging a full makeover and provide a cohesive design approach across all sub-ranges, which had become fragmented over time. In just 3 weeks we delivered an entirely re-designed suite of over 40 packaging artworks complete with supporting imagery, which were unveiled at Spring Fair 2017.


Project includes: Design, Photography, Video, CGI

Tower Packaging - Range Comparison
After extensive market research, we consolidated over 15 sub-ranges into 3 clear good/better/best ranges to compete at suitable price points. We designed these styles to be affordable to create while maintaining category-leading visuals that look attractive in-store.
In a price range dominated by cheap cut-out photography and loud packaging designs, the new Tower packaging really stands out from the crowd. Our efficient in-house workflow allows us to quickly produce photography that competes at a similar price point but offers consumers a much more sophisticated style.
Tower Packaging - 3 Piece Pan Set 3D Visual (Good)
Tower Packaging - 3 Piece Pan Set Photography (Good)
Heavy competition exists in this market, with more investment into photography and high quality sales messages that appeal to different lifestyle ideals. We placed a strong focus on healthy living with Tower's innovative non-stick coatings, paired with premium aspirational photography.
Tower Packaging - 3 Piece Pan Set 3D Visual (Better)
Tower Packaging - Infinity 4 Slice Toaster (Better)
The top tier packaging is reserved for Tower's luxury ranges. Each shot is carefully planned and edited, and the packaging is refined with smaller sales features. High-end products are sold on a track record of quality, so we're boosting Tower's brand reputation with a consistently premium style that will only be available through major reputable retailers.
Tower Packaging - 3 Piece Pan Set 3D Visual (Best)
Tower Packaging - 3 Piece Pan Set Photography (Best)


Having all of our production teams in-house allows us to adapt quickly and work efficiently across departments. Our optimised workflow allowed us to rapidly design, approve and produce over 40 packaging artworks from scratch along with full-sized mockups to display at Spring Fair 2017.

The new packaging enjoyed a successful launch at Spring Fair 2017, receiving universal praise from B2B customers and greatly improving the existing brand image.