Project includes:

CIC are the Official Creative Partner to local professional football team Port Vale FC. Having been implemented by the club to improve the club’s marketing output, our first involvement was to create a campaign to the launch the new team kit for the forthcoming 2018/19 season.

With a new kit manufacturer, BLK, being revealed to the fans simultaneously with the new kit designs, the club needed a solution that would stir genuine excitement amongst the fans. Working closely with Chirs Turner and Max McLellan from the marketing team at Port Vale, and alongside BLK, a carefully planned creative launch campaign and comprehensive production schedule was put together.

Central to the campaign is a 45 second video featuring three of the team’s key players wearing the new home kit. Footage was captured during a 2-day shoot, carried out on location at Vale Park and in our photography studio in Stoke-on-Trent. Portrait photography of the players in numerous poses wearing the home and away kit were also taken during the shoot. Despite there only being just one example of each kit available at the time of filming, the schedule ran smoothly, although this did result in some extensive and challenging post-production work by our talented team.

Forever BLK & WHT - Port Vale Kit image

Positive messaging was prominently instilled throughout all of the campaign collateral. After a number of seasons of disappointment on the pitch, the launch also presented an ideal opportunity to rebuild positivity around the club. The messaging also neatly linked the club with the new manufacturer, BLK, to create a tight campaign message. Beyond the launch video, we provided the club with supporting media and graphics to ensure a consistent message was applied across all media. New large format printed graphics transform the club shop for a vastly improved fan experience.

Behind the scenes footage captured during the shoot provided the club with the opportunity to show a light-hearted side of the club and players involved, improving fan engagement and generating further traction on social media channels. Social output from the club reaches a diverse and varied audience, with over 50,000 followers on Twitter alone.

Response to the campaign going live across social media and the official website was of nothing but excitement and eagerness from the supporters of Port Vale and beyond. Local and national press immediately picked up on the story, providing further positive coverage for the club.