Project includes:
CG imagery
Web Development

When the Land Rover Defender was discontinued in early 2016, it left a hole in the market. Atlas Vehicles had developed a modular truck that was the perfect solution. Our brief from Atlas was to visualise the look and feel for the vehicle exterior as well as creating a brand and all marketing material — before the first vehicle had even been made.

The first step was the create a brand name and identity for the company, along with a naming convention for the vehicles. The company became Atlas Vehicles and their first vehicle, the "Endeavour". There's a lot of strong, positive, rational and emotional reasons why the brand and name work, but above all, it looks good on the front of the truck.

Atlas Logo - Cream
Atlas Logo - Green
Atlas Vehicles Brochure Mockup

At this stage of the vehicles life there's a fine balance between commercial confidentiality and the need for sales, so a secure, responsive site was built. On the surface it's a teaser site with basic information available, but if you register and are approved, deeper technical details are available.

Atlas Vehicles Responsive Website Mockup

Atlas are building a state of the art factory in the heart of England to construct their vehicle. The building is a revolutionary as the vehicle. From simple plans, we prepared full architectural visuals and video in 72hrs. The impact of our visuals was instrumental in closing a very important contract.

Atlas Vehicles Architectural Render - Main Building
Atlas Vehicles Architectural Render - Plan View
Atlas Vehicles Architectural Render - Window Logo
Atlas Vehicles Architectural Render - Vehicle Depot

As a result of our marketing and visualisation work, Atlas has taken a number of orders but most significantly, it has been selected as an Official Development Partner for Hutchinson Defence, one of the world's largest defence contractors.