Modelled in China,
created in the UK…
all in 8 weeks

The latest in a growing line of ebikes, the X-Ride by Aerobike combines the joy of traditional cycling with an intuitive electrical motor for a smoother ride. At a glance very little differentiates this from a standard push bike, it was our task to illustrate the technology that sets this apart.

Aerobike (product site)

Project includes: CGI, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our stylish, 60 second CGI video featured exploding details and graphical illustrations, demonstrating the relationship between the on board computer and gears. We worked closely with our China studio to produce a stunningly detailed and precise CGI model, then applied the latest GPU rendering technology to achieve a high level of realism.


Our imagery and product video are now used to form the body of the Aerobike brand site , and a product that typically appeals to the over 50’s now has been given a welcome injection of youth.

“Like a madras hot, saag aloo: perfect! All looks fantastic.”