It’s the taking part that counts…

… Which was fortunate!


After nearly 10 years of talk, 2010 saw the formation of CIC FC, a 5-a-side team with big ambitions. It was decided a modest start was best, (we didn’t want to upset the more established teams), so we joined the lowest (read easiest) possible league available. Things didn’t quite go to plan:

team name


 2*  0  16  21*  288

* 10 of these goals were awarded when the opposition failed to turn up.

On a plus side, only last week the official playstation magazine ran a competition to find the saddest football story on twitter. Our story wasn’t quite sad enough to claim the first prize but we did get a copy of Fight Night for the PS3, apparently to toughen us up. More likely to get used taking a beating.


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