A typical day in the Studio?


No two days are ever the same in the design studio…


Each presents a new challenge and a whole lot of fun. A friendly bunch, we’re the team with the ideas but also the engine of this finely tuned design machine. We like our games, gadgets, football, toys, all things colourful, and the clever use of type. We also like a jolly good laugh but we do take our work very seriously.

A photo shoot for the latest CIC creative review was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the fun we can have in the studio. Promoting the fact that everyday is unique we took the CCTV approach, a video feed of a typical day. With Steve and Dave directing the action, and a quick session in photoshop later, you can see ‘exactly’ what we get up to. Of course this was all staged and the reality is very different. Although just as unique, each day is much more structured.

Briefs received, thinking caps on, ideas are thrashed about in a brainstorming exercise to ensure the fullest understanding, and the perfect result. Deadlines are always met and you, the client, will be involved every step of the way. We have a warm, welcoming studio where the client is positively encouraged to call in. Desk space can be made available and many do take this opportunity to work on the premises along side the production of their project.

Why not call in and see for yourself, to find out what we can do for you? In the meantime click here to view our latest creative review.


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