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“You have made this a straightforward process.

we really appreciate all your help and assistance throughout.”


2013 introduced us to a new range of gadgets with the launch of ‘Phablets’. Tablet size phones, merging the functionality of both devices to create one new device.

Something of a compromise, these devices fail to live up to the demands of the mass market with many consumers opting for both tablet and phone. A costly solution, this is not an option for those on a budget. This is where PhonePad comes in.

Merging the two worlds of phones and tablets, the PhonePad lets you control your S3 or S4 as if it’s a tablet by simply docking it. The phone’s screen is mirrored on the larger 10-inch display turning into a makeshift tablet/netbook.

Ready for the launch in the final quarter of 2013, we were tasked with producing the complete suite of marketing required to get the product to market. This included the branding, all imagery (photo and CGI models), packaging, instruction manual and quick start guides, promotional videos and website.

In addition to the creative we also managed the print production every step of the way, from generating the cutters for the box construction to delivery of all collateral back with the manufacturer.

To maximise efficiency and ensure only the highest quality finish, each of the packaging elements; manual, outer wrap, box and quick start label we produced independently at separate factories.

Managed by our Chinese studio, what sounded like a logistical nightmare became a straightforward process and allowed the client to concentrate on sales rather than worrying about print.

With the product now on UK shores we are delighted to report that the project has proved a great success. We are now working with the client in preparation to launch their next product, which this time includes designing the product’s form factor.

To discover more about the PhonePad visit


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Branding a best in class …


With over 20 years trading, an ever growing portfolio of brands and respect from worldwide trading partners, RKW has firmly established itself as Europe’s leading electrical and housewares distributor. Holding £12M of stock ready for immediate delivery, their 500,000 sq ft distribution centre in the heart of the UK provides a total logistics solution, ensuring customer requirements are constantly met. As one of the pioneers of ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’ promotions their business has now evolved into so much more. The RKW brand however had not. It was our task to update their image from ‘bargain basement’ to ‘market leaders’. Our first task was to breakdown what RKW as a brand actually stands for and how our new identity could portray this.

We know we’re good … The best in the business. We are so confident of our position we don’t need to shout it. Ask anyone of our customers, they will tell you why we are the best.

Built around an understated, confident air of excellence, our solution was a simple, yet bold identity. We reinvented RKW as an acronym for ‘Retail Knows Why’ and developed a series of questions to which this would form the answer. It was a “We don’t need to tell you how good we are, our industry will do that for us” kind of treatment.

This new, clean, confident theme was rolled out across a complete suite of corporate stationery, signage, digital media and launched with an official press pack.

This subtle brand never shouts who they are but always re-assures the viewer they are dealing with a best in class brand.

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A profitable company in its own right, it was time to give this sub-brand the TLC it deserved.


Connextions is the long term logistics arm of the Sutton Venture Group. Recent growth has seen the company grow to over 500,00 square feet of storage and a 50,000 pallet capacity. Coupled with the capacity to tailor solutions to suit the needs of all business. It was seen as the right time to give this growing brand the identity it deserves. With a complete brand overhaul including stationery, vehicle livery and temporary landing page (watch this space!) Connextions are now set for their next stage of growth. Look out for the trucks next time your on the motorway!

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CIC at the KBB

This years visit to the KBB show at the London ExCel has been particularly worth the time and travel, not only does it allow me to catch up with our friends at EQ and ArtiCad, but also confirm some of the latest interior design trends  as the KBB is combined this year with the Interiors LDN Show.

Seeing the latest bathroom and kitchen tends alongside the latest interior design works very well indeed, designers and architects mingled with the showcase of European Bathroom & Kitchens, in a busy 3 days.  The 2013 catwalk influence of fine and varied metalics combined with bold wall and floor patterns were very prevalent.

Natural material including animal hides, are still very strong, and compliment other natural material surfaces with great flare.

The guys at EQ and ArtiCAD are kept very busy by interested visitors on their exhibition stand.  I was on hand to help chat through our joint project of a ‘one model’ solution to Kitchen and Bathroom marketing. (Visit more details on this)


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A new look for the Charitarian – The only commercially funded English language media license in mainland China.


As it enters a new phase, the Charitarian was due a refresh, thanks in part to it’s co founder Clare Pearson’s recent success at the BMW Young Leaders Awards. With renewed vigour for quality content and a focus on articles that were of the moment the move was made to an online magazine. This has allowed the Charitarian to report on the things that matter, when they matter.

The new site offers readers the perfect glimpse into the real world of charity in China. Check it out here:

How did it all begin?

Following an approach to our China-based design studios from The Charitarian CEO and Chief Editor Wang Liwei, we were tasked with designing the first ever English language issue. The brief given was little more than a shortlist of existing magazines they liked. It was also required to look similar in appearance to the existing Chinese version, so selected visual cues (including the logo), were taken from there. In addition to the limited brief we were also unaware of what the content would be; as a result we put together a simple, clean and adaptable template.

In January 2010 the first issue of the English language version was launched to 200 guests at an exclusive launch party at the top art gallery in Beijing (China’s equivalent of Tate Modern). Since then a further three issues were produced in 2010 and the first issue of 2011 has just been launched in the same manner.

During this time the magazine has evolved into an increasingly individual publication with more and more creative design gracing its pages. This has been more than warmly received by The Charitarian’s contributors and readers alike and further creative freedom is being granted to us with each issue. The artwork for the magazine is done by the designers at our UK studio in between paid client work, often in a very limited time frame.

The Charitarian has changed immeasurably in one year from a domestic magazine to a multimedia global platform. The magazine reaches over one million people, predominantly in state owned enterprises, senior government, private Chinese business and multinational companies in China. In addition, distribution has now been extended to 60 countries via a free application for the i-Pad.

The Charitarian already boasts some impressive names in its list of featured businesses and people, and its reputation is growing so much so that business and influential figures are competing to get featured in upcoming issues.

Featured government officials, business people and businesses to date include:
David Cameron, Boeing, Bill Valentino, Bill Gates & Warren Buffet, Marks & Spencers

The magazine is also acquiring an ever increasing number of powerful partners including:
Harvard, Yale, Cheung Kong, Baida and Tsinghua Universities
United Nations Development Program, CBBC (China Britain Business Council), American Chamber of Commerce, European Chamber of Commerce

This article looks terrific. Thanks for putting so much thought into it at short notice. The British Embassy have asked to look at it so I think that this article will go far and wide. Thanks again.”Clare Pearson – Co-founder & Editor

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Compelling iBook Creations

‘Engaging content that sells product’ that is how we describe the work we produce at CIC. Be it packaging, literature, POS or rich media the best way to sell your wares is always by engaging with the consumer.

Where possible the perfect solution is to offer interaction. 360 photography, room planners and games all work perfectly as rich media on a website but when it comes to product catalogues, this level of interaction is much more difficult to achieve. Until now that is.  Armed with nothing more than an iPad, your sales rep has all the tools required to reap the benefits of iBooks. Not only do they remove the need to carry heavy, printed material, they can host all of the interactive features you would associate with a website. Embed your product videos, image galleries, maps, hyperlinks, update regularly without the need for huge print costs, distribute with ease through your own website or email, the benefits of iBooks goes on.

As you might have guessed we now offer ibooks. Available in either portrait or landscape orientations (perfect for presentations) you can rest assured that your current literature can easily be adapted to suit this new format.

Interested and on an iPad? Download our own iBook here. Showcasing some of our projects, both old and new, this mini portfolio offers just a glimpse of the many features an iBook has to offer.

Already convinced, give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.


Download the CIC iBook!

Head to this page on your iPad
and click the link below.

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New Akai Ranges


Launching new ranges and breathing new life into an established brand


These promotional videos showcase a range of products using a blend of CGI and product photography all tied together with sleek motion graphics. There’s no need for a voice over, the products speak for themselves.

A versatile option, these videos are easily implemented into your website, they look great at exhibitions and are a powerful tool in presentations. It’s a cost effective and stylish way to establish and promote a range or brand.

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Cultivating sales through a full branding update…


Ambassador offer quality garden tools with a good, better and best proposition. From the economy wooden handle tools right through to the premium ash handle collection the whole range gives gardeners a better choice, and retailers confidence in their offering.

Our task was to package these ranges and support the launch of this fast growing brand. We quickly established that for most keen gardeners it was much more than a hobby, it was a way of life.

We set out to engage with and inspire our audience with the use of textures and imagery of real gardens. Our target audience would see right through a perfectly pruned rose garden, with super straight stripes running down the lawn. This approach was carried through to the packaging, POS, brand website and full range brochure.

Initial feedback has been great, with over 100 ‘stock and stand’ deals sold over the opening few days of a recent trade show. Look out for Ambassador garden tools in your local garden centre.

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For any brand, staying seen is staying safe. None more so than this one…


Following the acquisition of the Glenwear brand, we were tasked by our client to bring this brand to life, in time for a national launch in January 2013. Glenwear create quality workwear, to the highest specification possible, at a price that competes with the biggest brands of the market.

Following a development of the logo, we moved onto packaging for the whole range of boots, jackets, trousers, rain-wear, high-vis and PPE (Personal protective equipment). The construction and trade industries are some of the most regulated for Health and Safety. Educating and assuring the customer that they are buying the right gear throughout the range brochure, brand website and in-store POS, was crucial to the success of the brand’s launch.

Look our for a guest modelling spot from our China Operations Director, Mark Doras.

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Globe Union Sales Video

A new look for global leaders in sourcing and manufacture.


To coincide with the launch of a new brand identity and a revolutionary online proposition, we produced this short video highlighting the size and scope of the corporation. Presented on keepsake iPads in customised boxes these are sure to grab the attention of the lucky buyers on the receiving end!

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